Experiments In Socialism

Vladimir Lenin was full of hatred, and that he had been a liar. Till he came to power in 1917 he promised various kinds of Russians self-determination understanding he meant no such thing. Promises of a grassroots flames were created, however they had been lies. Lenin and his group of intellectuals imposed Communism around Russia while spouting slogans that were democratic. Their untruths let them take charge of the fifth-largest economy and the world’s largest country with no firm experience. None of those men had administered anything.

Lenin was aware that so as to enforce the will of a tiny minority of intellectuals it had been essential to possess a dictatorship set up, a dictatorship dominated by coercion, violence, and dread. It might have been impossible with this little group of intellectuals to get quieted under”normal” methods. The only way that they might come to power had been via savage retaliation and violence. The offenses, the cruelty, and the repression generated the disaster of the human encounter. Lenin preached course warfare; the cao dang y khoa pham ngoc thach poor encouraged to capture the land and he urged workers to take on the factories in which they worked.

He intended in the start that both the factories and the land could be taken which they had been. The state-organized and ultimately owned all –associations, industry, transportation, wholesale trade, retail stores, and all property. Within eight decades, the nation’s productivity dropped to less than 20 percent of what it had been before Lenin took charge. To handle all of this, there was a massive bureaucracy demanded, one which would put its collective interests above those of the population. Bureaucrats were granted special privileges, including clothing, better food, housing, household goods, health care, resorts, and cemeteries to ensure loyalty.