What Is The Future of Artificial Intelligence?

The age of the 21st century has seen the development of several technological innovations that changed its entire face. AI is one of those predominant technologies which is on its way towards chaining the phase of the world. Experts are viewing AI is the fourth industrial revolution. Being in its early stages of development, AI has given rise to several innovative applications like self-driving cars, digital assistants.

The voice recognition which we are using in our smartphones is a simple example to depict the impact of AI in our day-to-day life. Experts are of the view that over the coming decade, Artificial Intelligence will make more progress than ever before. In a matter of no time, the influence of AI would spread across IT, Business, Banking, Education, Automobile, Government, and personal lives as well.

So, there’s no wonder in the fact that the Future of AI holds more inventions that will bring us closer to an unparalleled future.

Now, let’s have a look at how the future of AI is going to be in various fields

Medical Diagnosis

AI is likely to create revolutionary changes in the healthcare industry. Especially in medical diagnosis, AI is expected to complement with a doctor’s human intuition with the precision We as humans have an excess understanding of human health but with the advancements in AI, and it can merely out-perform even the best human doctors.

Financial Services

By now, most of the banking services have been automated & within the coming years, AI is expected to take over. Currently, the outreach of different types of financial services which are offered by the banks is only limited to the rich. Only the rich can afford financial solutions, but the integration of AI is expected to change the whole scenario.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence

Translation and Linguistics

Most of us are already familiar with real-time machine translation apps. Most of the tech giants like Microsoft & Google are working towards creating several revolutionary breakthroughs in this aspect. Experts are of the view that AI is the best technology that could push real-time translation forward beyond the leaps so that we can communicate better.

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