Why playing online poker is better than playing other online games?

Online games have totally changed the way we find fun and joy through games. It moved from real space to virtual space. Everything is the same except the physical metabolism. There are tons of research papers highlighting how these online games, whether poker or any other game, is changing social and physical health of people.

Well, we won’t go in that debate of there should or should not be a virtual game or not. Unfortunately, there is no alternative as people are conditioned to seek pleasure through the simplest possible path. Online poker or game is that simplest path that offers maximum pleasure.

When it comes to online poker vs. online games, then it definitely tilts in favor of the poker as it offers you several benefits as compared to the list of disadvantages online games have.  Here are some of the advantages of poker playing:

  • Time Factor

Poker is all about playing with mental and emotional skill. You play under a set of rules against opponents. Once any of the players become a winner the game is over. Whereas, most of the online games are just motor skill-based, requiring players to perform certain task with perfect motor skills. It doesn’t require any mental or emotional skill, ultimately it leads to nothing but the killing of time.

  • Addiction

Online poker has the biggest barrier to money. Once you reach your financial safety net, you have to withdraw from the game. It is painful to lose money, but it acts as a barrier when it comes to controlling. In online games, you don’t have anything at stake except time, so you kill your time. This comes at a huge cost of health and other disorders.

  • Maturity

Poker is played by mature people only, who understand the pros and cons of the game. It is up to them to decide whether to play or not, when to start and when to stop. Online game, designed specifically for teenage, lacks the freedom of decision making control at user end. Most of the kids in this age group fall in the trap and get addicted to the game. Some of the games, even killed hundreds of kids globally because they couldn’t understand the gaming tricks.

  • Real Money

When you play poker1001 poker online terbaik, you gain something in terms of money. Whereas in an online game, you get nothing other than the virtual coin gratification, which lures you to get more engaged. Happiness and joy cannot be virtual it has to be real.

Why playing online poker is better than playing other online games?

  • Productivity

Online games are designed to keep you engaged so that you could spend maximum time on screen. The more time you spend on screen the more gaming companies earn via advertisements. This ultimately kills your productivity, resulting in health and career-related stress. On the other hand online poker is all about playing smart in a particular situation if it is your day you can earn big or you can simply quit.

It would be unwise to blame the game; it is you who need to understand the control factor. You can enjoy online poker as well as any other online game if you know when to say “stop”. Learn the art of time management and balance; this will help you save enough time for all activities.