Unique Local IPv6 Generator


This is a randomly generated 48-bit unique local IPv6 prefix as defined by RFC 4193. It can be used for local IPv6 networking. Everytime the regenerate button is pressed or the page is reloaded a new random prefix will be generated.


64-bit subnetting

Unique local addresses have 48-bit prefixes, leaving 16 bits for local subnetting. Below see the addresses of the first and last subnets.

Prefix fd40:9dc7:b528::/48
1st subnet fd40:9dc7:b528::/64
last subnet fd40:9dc7:b528:ffff::/64

IPv4 local address equivalent

The IPv6 unique local addresses are used similarly to the IPv4 local adresses e.g. Unlike their IPv4 counterpart IPv6 unique local addresses have a 40-bit random part. Therefore if you connect 2 or more unique local networks, by VPN for example, it's very unlikely to ever have address collisions. [+]